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Marketing & Design Portfolio

With a broad range of projects under my belt, I have had the privilege of partnering with clients and assisting them in achieving success. From brand development and strategic marketing campaigns to visually stunning designs and impactful digital experiences, each case study tells a unique story of how I have helped businesses thrive.


The White Barn Children's Centre

I had the opportunity to capture the vibrant spirit and joy of the children at White Barn Preschool. By showcasing their engaging interactions, curiosity-driven learning, and warm community atmosphere, the short introductory video and property photographs serve as a powerful marketing tool for the school.


Public School Teacher Recruitment

I played a key role in Norwich Public Schools' recruitment and retention efforts by creating impactful materials, including compelling print and digital ads, paid social media content, on-brand company apparel, and captivating videos. These assets effectively highlighted the district's strengths and attracted talented educators who positively impact the educational community.

18-21 Transition Academy

With the aim of raising awareness among individuals who need and qualify for Norwich Transition Academy's (NTA) program services, our focus was on capturing the essence of a transition academy. Through a variety of print and digital media, we effectively highlighted the day-to-day activities and benefits associated with enrolling in NTA. By targeting parents with our engaging campaign, they became empowered with the knowledge and resources needed to support their child's successful transition into independent adulthood.

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